teaching pitchers by FEEL teaches pitchers how to teach themselves

The Core Velocity Belt Is Trusted & Used Daily By…

Over 170+ NCAA D1 Baseball Programs and 21 MLB Organizations…. But Made For Pitchers & Hitters Over The Age Of 10 Years Old!

How the core velocity belt works

Who Else Wants To Finally FEEL How To Engage Your Lower-Half To Naturally Throw Harder, Easier & Swing Faster, Quicker… With Far Less Effort Than Ever Before?

Would adding 2-3 MPH of velocity, right now, benefit you and your future in this game?

Do you ever dream about how much better you’d be if you knew how to get the most from your lower body? (Not to mention taking the added stress off your arm)

Do you ever get frustrated when you hear coaches tell you to “use your legs” but they fail to teach you how?

Do you FEEL like you’re wasting your time, or always starting over, because no matter what you try… You’re not seeing results transfer when it matters most, game-time?

Proof: The Core Velocity Belt Increases Arm Speed While Reducing Arm Stress… Without Even Thinking About Mechanics!

Take A Second To See How It Works With Hitters & Pitchers From The Age of 9-13 years of age.

Here’s What The Core Velocity Belt Does For Your Bat Speed…In A Matter of Just A Few Swings

Teach Your Athlete How To FEEL The Lower-Half Working Effectively And Let The Body Naturally Take Over From There.

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What You Get with the core velocity belt

1.  The Core Velocity Belt
2. Black and Blue Resistance Bands (1 of each)
3. Nylon Carrying Bag
4. Nylon Anchor
5. Access to The Core Velocity Belt Training System

“The Core Velocity Belt “Self”-Teaches Pitchers & Hitters How It FEELS to Engage the Lower-Half & That’s Why It Transfers From The Practice Field To The Game Mound

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Greg Johnson

"My 14 year old used a connection ball all offseason last year to supposedly correct an arm action problem. It didn't work. It created numerous problems in his delivery. We were introduced to The Core Velocity Belt and in a matter of a week using the belt you could see his arm action tighten up, his pushing the ball went away, and the best part, he could FEEL his body working the right way. Lantz has nailed what we have been looking for for years, something that works."

Mike Maundrell

"I have been using The Core Velocity Belt with my players and students. There is no question that there is a universal improvement in the use of the lower half."

JM Morgalis

"We have incorporated The Core Velocity Belt into our workouts with high school, collegiate, and professional pitchers and have found a common theme: all levels became more aware of their hips as the driving force behind their ability to throw harder. If you are serious about optimizing the abilities of your pitchers, you should be utilizing The Core Velocity Belt."

Steven talley

"Finally, Logan learned what it FEELS like to use his lower half consistently. Until now, he had no idea."

Jim Sourlis

Hi Lantz, I had to email you to tell you what I thought about your Core Velocity Belt. You are a genius! Don't know how you came up with this but it literally teaches you how to use the core of your body to throw and hit. Heck I put it on and had instant feedback with my golf swing. No doubt this is going to help my son get to the next level. I hope you sell them all. Every throwing and hitting athlete should have one.   

jake dal porto

Hi Lantz, Quick update. After basically using the belt for a week, I'm up 6-7 mph, from 73 to hitting 80, just doing two movement prep drills and throwing bullpen with the belt. Is this really normal, or is it because I had a lot to gain from not being as mechanically efficient as possible? Either way, it's awesome.

Teach Your Pitcher How To FEEL The Lower-Half Working Effectively And Let The Body Naturally Take Over From There.

Until you can control the center of your body, you’re wasting valuable training time you’ll never get back working on something that’s not even going to help fix the problem

Pitch #1

Pitch #3

Pitch #2

80 MPH

85 MPH

86 MPH Strike

Without Belt

With Belt

After Taking Belt Off

Do You Honestly Think Teams of This Caliber Would Risk Their Careers & The Future Of Their Athletes If It Didn’t Work?