Why All 30 MLB Organizations and 500+ College Programs Trust Using The Core Velocity Belt

Increases Velocity

Your velocity and arm health is at the mercy of your hips. The key to higher velocity is learning how to move through the middle of your body faster and more efficiently. By doing so, the arm is tricked into believing its running out of time... giving it no choice but to move faster and more efficiently.

Reduces Arm Stress

(Motus Sleeve Testing Results) Here's before and after using The Core Velocity Belt..

Develops Efficient Mechanics

Because all roads cross through the middle of the body, the lower and upper body will only move as efficiently as the hips/pelvis. Inefficient movement anywhere in the middle of the body affects motion everywhere.

Here's why LSU Pitching Coach Wes Johnson uses "The Belt"... ."Your results on the mound (Velocity, arm health, command) are a direct reflection of how you transfer kinetic energy. That's why we use The Belt every single day in some form, or fashion."

Eliminates OVER-Thinking

Because of the patented design of The Core Velocity Belt, players as young as 10 years old can instantly FEEL what their coaches have been asking them to do, but couldn't quite understand and apply.

Here's why Lucas Giolito uses "The Belt"..... "The Belt' gives you that FEEL every pitcher searches for and the best part is whenever you take it off... That FEELing is still there without having to think about your mechanics, whatsoever!

Transfers Results

Because once a player can FEEL the movement, he can fine-tune it. Once a player begins to FEEL & Fine-Tune movements on his own, results transfer and confidence builds.

Here's why Vanderbilt University Pitching Coach Scott Brown uses "The Belt"....."Because it allows my pitchers to FEEL the movement and transfer the results to the mound. And that's why we use The Belt every single day inside my program at Vanderbilt."


Pitching, Hitting, Youth to the Major Leagues the Core Velocity Belt has become a fixture in any high level training environment!

How The Core Velocity Belt Works

What's Included With The Core Velocity Belt?

One Size Fits All Core Velocity Belt

The Core Velocity Belt also comes with a 1-year no questions asked "wear and tear" guarantee. If for any reason, something tears, rips or breaks, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Over-Load Kinetic Training Cord (Blue)

The Core Velocity Kinetic Training Cords are super-heavy duty and can be interchanged, or used together based on your individual needs.

Under-Load Kinetic Training Cord (Silver)

The Core Velocity Kinetic Training Cords are super-heavy duty and can be interchanged, or used together based on your individual needs.

Carry Anywhere Nylon Bag

Makes it easy to keep your Core Velocity Training System all in one place.

Attach "Anywhere To Anything" Anchor

The nylon anchor allows you to setup an anchor to be used for training, anywhere. Pictured is a weight plate, but the anchor can be used around poles, connected to chains and even doors.

Members Only Instructional Content

After placing your order, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the entire instructional video collection. There are more than 40 instructional videos along with a training manual and a 4 week "can't mess it up" program to follow

Bonus Materials:

1. 4 Week Easy To Follow Training Program Daily Calendar

2. Lifetime Access to the HD Core Velocity Belt Instructional Videos walking you through the entire training system. (30+ videos) 

3. Lifetime Access to The Core Velocity Belt Elementary Level Movement Testing to show you exactly where to start in the program.

4. Lifetime access to the “Flexibility in Motion” Training System where I share with you the secrets to a healthy arm start with happy, mobile hips. 

5. Lifetime access to “The Core Velocity Ground Force” Med-ball training system where you will learn how to build explosive velocity patterns, how to get more from the ground, and finally understand how to really use the lower-half.   

6. Lifetime access to “The Core Velocity” Original 5 Training Drills which made the program famous. 

7. (NEW). The Core Velocity Belt Personalized Prescription Pad which tells you exactly the most effective way for you, and only you, to utilize the program and 100% removes the guess work.


I’ve loved it. We only have one at my college for the whole pitching staff to use, and just like buying my own. I have seen getting my own belt as a positive step in my development. Big fan of every session feeling and learning what feels right with my lower half.

Noah Z., Alberta

This has helped him tremendously!!!  One of the pieces that helped him hit a new PR of 91.1 in his first max effort pen this season!

Brad, North Carolina