How The Top Pitchers & Pitching Coaches Use The Core Velocity Belt

Thanks for signing up. Inside this page you'll learn how many of the top pitchers and pitching coaches in the game, use The Core Velocity Belt. Let's begin with Lucas Giolito of the Chicago White Sox.  


How and Why Lucas Giolito trusts using The Core Velocity Belt



Next, we will move to Lance McCullers of the Houston Astros. I had the chance to work with Lance last year in Houston just before Spring Training. Inside this behind-the-scenes video you'll get an up close and personal look at the training session.

  How Lance McCullers Uses The Core Velocity Belt  


Next up is Wes Johnson. Wes is the former pitching coach at Dallas Baptist, Mississippi State and Arkansas before leaving to become the pitching coach for the Minnesota Twins.

Here's a few ways Wes uses "The Belt". (The following video was taken from Pitch-a-Palooza's Bonus Night. There's a reason Palooza is the #1 off-season coaching clinic in America)

Pay close attention to how many times Coach Johnson discusses "FEEL". It's just one more reason why he's one of the top guys in the game. Until a player can "FEEL" what he's being asked to do, he will never truly understand.


How The Minnesota Twins Pitching Coach Uses The Core Velocity Belt


Last but definitely not least, is my good friend Scott Brown. Coach Brown is the pitching coach for the 2x College World Series Champions, The Vanderbilt Commodores.

How Vanderbilt University's Pitching Coach, Scott Brown, Uses The Core Velocity Belt

Trust what you FEEL!

Lantz Wheeler

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