The Original, One & Only…Core Velocity Belt Training System!

Why Do You ThinkOver 170 + NCAA D1 College Baseball Programs & 20 MLB Teams Risk Their Name, Reputation & The Million $$$ Futures of their Athletes With The Core Velocity Belt?

Hey I’m Lantz Wheeler a former NCAA D1 pitching coach.

‘Kinetic Energy’ is the Reason Arkansas Uses “The Belt” Every Single Day…

And I agree…

Your results on the mound are a direct reflection of how y


It Explains Why It’s Entirely Possible For You To Throw Faster With Less Stress, At Lower Risk… In Less Than 3 Throws Starting Right Now!

Seriously, I’m really not tricking the 170 NCAA D1 programs and 20 MLB teams into risking their reputation on The Core Velocity Belt, I want you to take a look at the results we got while using The Motus Sleeve.

Throw #7 (Left) Throw #8 (Right)… One Throw – Instant Results!

I wish I could tell you these results were typical but I can’t, I’d be lying.

And There’s No Way I’d You’d Believe Me If I Told You The Real Science behind The Core Velocity Belt. So, I’m going to bring in someone who does know The Real Science behind The Core Velocity Belt.

Hear What The NFL’s Chief Medical Doctor-Brain Surgeon & Worlds Smartest Baseball Coach, Allen Sills Thinks About The Belt.

How every single one of his players on his 16U team gained an average of 5 mph over 8 weeks.
Why a Brain Surgeon would be interested in The Core Velocity Belt.

Alright, I get it.

I understand how the pitchers that make it look easy must be pretty darn good at transferring energy, but why?

Seriously What’s The Secret To This So-Called Core Velocity Belt That Everyone Keeps Talking About?

What’s the Real Science Behind The Core Velocity Belt… Tell Me That!

That’s what I was getting too before you so rudely interrupted. Just kidding, kinda. Anyways, I can only tell you what I’ve learned over the past ten years. Man, it’s crazy to think the idea of The Core Velocity Belt originated by my 6 year old daughter slamming into a wall twelve years ago. Click here and I’ll tell you the whole story.

Anyways – I’m not a scientist. I was a D1 pitching coach for 8 years and I’ve been driving myself crazy the past twelve years trying to figure The Core Velocity Belt.

In other words, I’ll share with you what I learned “Not To Do” with The Belt and trust me, that’s important and I’ll get to it, I promise. But first, I want to let you hear it from someone much smarter than me. This guy’s a brain surgeon but recently took another position…

Listen To What Brain Surgeon And NFL”s “First Ever Appointed” Chief Medical Doctor, Allen Sills Has To Say After Testing The Belt Himself.

“Many if not most athletes, have poor hip proprioception… In other words, they have NO idea where there hips are or how to use them, they can’t FEEL their hips.

Think About What Dr. Sills Just Told You.. The Reason So Many Pitchers Struggle is Because They Can’t FEEL their Hips.

And that’s the…

The Real Secret to The Core Velocity Belt… It Lets You FEEL What’s Almost Impossible to Teach

And I learned the importance of hip proprioception the hard way.

The Entire Skin-es-Thetic Compresses the Hip Region Tightly, It was Designed to Act as a 3rd Layer of Skin, Allowing The Athlete to FEEL the Power Center of the Human Body…It’s The Design of The Core Velocity Belt That’s The Real Secret to All the Success!

And here’s why…

To quote Dr. Allen Sills, who will speak in a moment….

“Many if not most athletes, have poor hip proprioception… In other words, they have NO idea where there hips are or how to use them, they can’t FEEL their hips.

But, it wasn’t always that way.

When I first thought of this idea twelve years ago, a lot has changed.

Most Importantly It Was The Design of The Early Belts That Were Causing Me Issues, Actually Setting My Pitchers Back and Teaching Them How to Do All The Wrong Things Right… When It Came To The Lower Body.

The Patented “Skin-Es-Thetic Sleeve” Design Acts As A 3rd Layer of Super-Human Skin…Letting You FEEL How Your Body Should Effectively Move, Without Having To Constantly Worry If You’re Doing It Right…

In other words…

The Patented “Skin-es-Thetic Sleeve” Design Compresses Your Hips Tightly, Covering The Entire Region – Finally Allowing The Player To Know Exactly What It FEELs Like To Effectively Use Your Hips To Get More From Less!”

The Core Velocity Belt compresses the entire hip region tightly… The design on the right fits around your waist!

Lets You Instantly FEEL How To Move More Efficiently, Faster, Safer…. The Way The Body Was Built To Move Before Instruction & Over-Thinking Slowed You Down.”

I’ll be honest with you, when I first starting messing around with the early prototypes, I started with a mountain climbing belt.

I actually thought this would do the trick. Boy, was I wrong.

What I quickly discovered was this…

The center part of your body, we’re talking the area from your belly button to the top of your thigh… Controls every single move you make. I refer this region of your body as the ‘center mass’.

The Core Velocity Belt instantly increases your ability to move faster, safer through the center part of your body by letting you FEEL exactly where that part of your body is.

Sad thing is… Most pitchers struggle to use their hips because they can’t FEEL their hips! And that was my pitchers’ problems.

Looking Back I Can Only Thank God I Made Such A Dumb Mistake Thinking A Mountain Climbing Belt Could Actually Make My Guys Throw Harder, Safer More Consistent Strikes…And Here’s Why I’m So Glad I Blew The Design

will move and begin to clean up it’s own flaws without you ever having to think about it.

But, there was a problem in the beginning…

It was the design of The Belt, it didn’t work. In fact, it was doing more harm than good to my pitchers by teaching them to spin their hips, which is the polar opposite of what they should have been doing.

You see…

The Biggest Issues My College Pitchers Were Facing With The Early Design Was The Fact They Couldn’t FEEL the Most Important Region Of Their Body… The One Part of the Body That Dishes Out Orders To The Entire System To Go Faster, or Go Slower.”

My guys were definitely going slower… but why?

Shouldn’t this Belt force me to move faster, I thought?
After all, I’ve got the belt around my waist with bands pulling me forward?

But, it wasn’t working. And then I found out why.

The Belt Does All The Coaching and Eliminates Over-Thinking Mechanics, Allowing You To Perform At The Highest Level Genetically Possible.

The Core Velocity Belt Engages Your Other-Half To Naturally Load Your Body The Way Science & Nature Intended…Separating Your Hips From Your Shoulders Like A ‘Rubber-Band’ And Giving Your Arm NO CHOICE But To Move Faster, Through A Safer Range Of Motion!”

Allowing You To Instantly FEEL The Difference Between Right and Wrong While Your Training on the Mound, or in the Cage.