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    Find Out in 60 Seconds Why Baseball's Top Pitching Coaches Use The Core Velocity Belt Every Single Day

    "The "Official Velocity Tool" for my pitching staff at Vanderbilt University."
    Scott Brown - Pitching Coach - Vanderbilt University - 2014 National Champions

    Proof:  Arm Speed Increases, Arm Stress Decreases

    Using The Motus Sleeve we collected data on an eleven year old pitcher.   Below you will find the results of our testing after eight throws.  Not only did his arm speed increase dramatically, but so did the stress on the arm!

    More Proof :  The Core Velocity Belt Transfers Your Results To The Mound Immediately After Taking It Off

    Throw #1: Before Using The Core Velocity Belt

    Inside this video I'm going to introduce you to a high school senior throwing off the mound before using The Core Velocity Belt.  Pay particular attention to the Motus system at the end of the video, which we used to collect data on arm speed and arm stress levels.

    Throw #2: While Using The Core Velocity Belt

    Inside this video I'm going to show you the testing results while using The Core Velocity Belt.  Again, pay attention to the test results at the end of the video.

    Throw #3: Results Immediately After Taking Off The The Core Velocity Belt

    Inside this video I'm going to show you the testing results after using The Core Velocity Belt to show you how the results transfer!   Again, pay attention to the test results at the end of the video.

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    How The 6-Part Core Velocity Belt 3.0 Training Program Makes It Easy For You To...
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    Here's How The Core Velocity 6 Phase Training System Works...

    How To Know If The Core Velocity Belt Is Right For You?

    1. Do you struggle to transfer velocity to the game mound?

    If you're like most pitchers, your performance in practice versus your game-time performance looks nothing the same.  You look like two totally different pitchers.  The reason so many pitchers get frustrated and quit is because they're leaking velocity in their hips but have no idea it's even happening.  The Core Velocity Belt seals the leaks on the spot and makes sure all your hard work doesn't go to waste.  Your arm is given no choice but to move faster, safer.


     3. Are you sick and tired of being told to use your legs, but never shown how?

    It happens all the time.  The Core Velocity Belt instantly lets you FEEL how the lower-half works eliminating all the guess work and frustration.  Once you can FEEL it you'll never forget it.



    5. Would you benefit from increased hip/shoulder separation?

    Hip/shoulder separation plays a big role in the velocity equation. Whenever you're unable to separate the hips from the shoulders, you give the impression of throwing with "all arm".  The Core Velocity Belt naturally winds and loads your lower-half like a rubber band, making it virtually impossible to not separate your hips/shoulders.

    2. Does your performance and confidence suffer from OVER-thinking mechanics?

    Pitching a baseball is one of the hardest and most dangerous acts in all of sports.  And if you're constantly worrying about your pitching mechanics, not only does it slow your arm down, it makes it impossible to throw strikes.  Not only that, pitchers that OVER-think are always the first to lose confidence and burn out.  The Core Velocity lets you FEEL what's right so you can FIX what's wrong, without ever mentioning the word pitching mechanics.


    4. Have you been diagnosed with the "INverted w" or "High elbows" arm action?

    Let me guess... You've tried connection balls and just about everything else and at times it looks great.  But - as soon as you step on the mound, it's back.  The Core Velocity Belt gives the arm no choice but to move faster and in the process, your own body starts to clean up inefficient flaws without you having to think about it.  In other words, your body becomes its own coach.


    6. Do you suffer from elbow or shoulder pain?

    MLB conducted a study and proved that over 44% of all MLB players on the DL with arm issues... tested for a deficiency inside their hips.  In fact... A 20% loss of energy by the trunks and hips would REQUIRE a 34% in shoulder rotation to create the same level of velocity before the loss.  The Core Velocity Belt seals these leaks and finally teaches you how to naturally throw the baseball using your entire body, not just your arm.



    Here's What You Get After Investing In The Core Velocity Belt 3.0 Training System:

    Start By Choosing Between The Beginner - Advanced - Elite Core Velocity Training Systems

    The patented "Skin-esthetic" Core Velocity design is One-Size Fits All

    1. The only difference between each training system is the tensile strength of the tubing.
    2. You choose how fast or slow you want to advance through the program..

    24/7 Lifetime Access To The Core Velocity Quick Link Video Course Library

    Inside The Core Velocity Quick Link Video Course Library :

    1. You will get permanent lifetime access to all future updates.
    2. You will find it quick and easy to click directly to the video you need without having to waste time bumbling through every video, you don't need.

    [Download] The Core Velocity Belt 3.0 Training System Performance Handbook

    Inside The Core Velocity 3.0 Training System Performance Handbook...

    1. Why your arm is at the mercy of your hips.
    2. 6 Natural Elements of Ground Force Velocity.
    3. How to layout and customize your year-around velocity training schedule.
    4. How to layout and individualize your training program following very simple rules.
    5. How to know exactly which drills you need most, and which ones you don't need at all.

    [Download] The 21 Day Quick Start Velocity Program

    Inside The 21 Day Quick Start Velocity Program:

    1. Week One: Igniting Ground Force
    2. Week Two: Giving Your Arm No Choice But To Move Faster, Safer
    3. Week Three: Total Body Velocity Connection

    [Download] The Ultimate Medicine Ball Training Guide

    Inside The Flexibility in Motion Training System:

    1. You will learn to move better, safer.
    2. How to ignite your lower body at the flip of a switch.
    3. Open your hips to reduce the wear and tear on your arm..

    [Download] The Ultimate Medicine Ball Training Guide

    Inside The Ultimate Medicine Ball Training Guide:

    1. Teaches you how to "rotate like a tornado" in a doorway.
    2. Shows you the secret to transferring velocity to the mound using only your legs
    3. Contains over 20 medicine ball lower body explosive exercises.
    4. Plus contains pictures and step-by-step instructions to help you get everything you possibly can from your lower-half.

    [Download] The Core Velocity Video Analysis Checklist Cheat Sheet

    Inside The Core Velocity Video Analysis Checklist Cheat Sheet I'll Show You:

    1. How to identify the smallest flaws causing you the biggest problems and how to quickly eradicate them.
    2. How to systematically identify what most coaches blindly miss.
    3. What to look for and what to leave alone.

    FREE BONUS DOWNLOADS Look what else you get....

    [Download] The Core Velocity Long Toss Program

    Inside The Core Velocity Long Toss Program :

    1. You will learn how to know exactly when to throw and when to take time off.
    2. How to instantly FEEL the difference between hurt and sore.
    3. How to layout your 7-day in season and off-season throwing program.

    [Download] OverLoad - UnderLoad Hip Velocity Program

    Inside The OverLoad - UnderLoad Hip Velocity Program You Will :

    1. Learn why Arm Speed is Instant - Arm Strength is Not.
    2. Discover how to increase the FEEL for your lower half moving faster, without any effort on your part.
    3. Find out how over-ride your body's built in "Peer Pressure" defense system to give your arm no choice but to move faster, safer.

    PROOF: The Core Velocity Belt Naturally Increases Velocity

    Listen to what world renown neuro-surgeon Dr. Sills says at the 1:54 mark.

    "He threw a couple of MPH's faster than normal..."

    "Lantz, I think this tweet tells all you need to know about The Core Velocity Belt..."

    "Since using The Belt he can now go the distance without pain..."

    "Using The Belt on the mound brought up velocity and location..."

    "Velocity increases 3 MPH, he peaked at 88 MPH!"

    "All I can say is The Belt has been an arm saver... My son and the other pitchers say it "Just feels right" now!" Doctor Van Kempen

    "I love what it does for hitters!"

    "Fixes mechanics without my son having to OVER-think everything!"

    Get The Core Velocity 3.0 Training System Today...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know which size Core Velocity Belt and training level to choose? +

    The patented "Skin-esthetic" Core Velocity Belt is "One-Size Fits All".  The only difference between the Beginner- Advanced - Elite training levels is the actual tensile strength. Once you download the training system you will have the opportunity to advance through the system at your own pace.

    Is The Core Velocity Belt Training System only for pitchers? +

    Currently The Core Velocity Belt Training System is designed for pitchers only.  However, The Belt is ideal for hitters, catchers, strength training, golf and any activity which requires hip rotation.  A new hitting program will be available for purchase in the very near future.

    What will arrive at my door with The Core Velocity Belt Training System? +

    You will receive The Belt plus the two appropriate training level cords.     You will receive a password and username that gives you instant access to all downloads and training materials to help give you a head start.

    How do I download The Core Velocity Belt Training System Programs & Workouts? +

    As soon as your purchase is complete you will be re-directed to a form which takes two seconds to complete.  Inside the form you will give me the email address of your choice and immediately sent your login username and password to get started downloading all training materials today.

    Is there a guarantee or warranty in place with The Core Velocity Belt? +

    The Core Velocity Belt comes standard with a one-year physical warranty from date of purchase.  The one-year physical warranty covers any buckle or attachment, should it happen to break.  If by chance something does happen, you will send me the belt and I'll replace it free of charge.

    (However, if the buckle is broken due to it being stepped on or cracked, the warranty is void and buckles can be replaced for $5.)

    How long should I expect for The Core Velocity Belt Training System to arrive at my door? +

    Depending on where you live in the United States, The Belt typically arrives in 4-7 days.  However, if you're an international customer, you will need to contact Lori Hickman for purchase and shipping details.