The Core Velocity Belt Is Trusted & Used Daily By…

 Over 170+ NCAA D1 Baseball Programs and 21 MLB Organizations…. But Made For Pitchers & Hitters Over The Age Of 10 Years Old!

Who Else Wants To Finally FEEL How To Engage Your Lower-Half  To Naturally Throw Harder, Easier & Swing Faster, Quicker… With Far Less Effort Than Ever Before?

Would adding 2-3 MPH of velocity, right now, benefit you and your future in this game?
  • Do you ever dream about how much better you’d be if you knew how to get the most from your lower body?  (Not to mention taking the added stress off your arm)
  • Do you ever get frustrated when you hear coaches tell you to “use your legs” but they fail to teach you how?
  • Do you ever experience arm pain, or worry you’re eventually going to blow out, if you don’t figure something out soon?
  • Do you FEEL like you’re wasting your time, or always starting over, because no matter what you try… You’re not seeing results transfer when it matters most, game-time?
  • If you answered yes, keep reading because what I’m about to share with could be a game-changer!

If you’re like most pitchers, or hitters, you’ve been told you’ve got a lot more in the tank but no matter what you try, you can’t get there.

So, you get frustrated and always seem to be starting over, right?  Next thing you know, you can’t perform to your potential because all you can think about is mechanics.  I know.  I see it all the time.

And like most, you try weighted balls and velocity programs.  At first you notice some pretty nice gains, you get excited and can’t wait for the season to get here.  But, as soon as you step on the mound, your velocity gains vanish.  Suddenly, you realize all the hard work and time spent training was a total waste.  Your velocity gains didn’t transfer and your hard work didn’t pay off.

So, what do you do?

You head back for more lessons, you spend more time training, and before you know it… You’re starting back over at square one, again.

That’s if you don’t hurt yourself before or get burnt out.  It’s pretty easy to do. And the bad thing is… It’s the kids that want it the most that pay the heftiest price.  If only your instructor could explain in words what you’re really supposed to FEEL, you wouldn’t be in this mess.  But, you know how it goes.

Your private instructor tells you one thing and your team’s pitching coach tells you something totally different.  Who do you believe?  Who do you trust?  We know you don’t trust yourself, or you wouldn’t be here, would you?

And that’s the worst part of the situation you’re facing right now… You can’t trust it.  All you can do is worry that it won’t happen for you. Next thing you know you’re OVER-Thinking mechanics and on the verge of burn-out, second guessing yourself and wondering if you really have what it takes to compete at your level.

All I can say is this…

Do You Really Think Over 180+NCAA D1 Programs, 350 College programs, 2 College World Series Champs & 21 MLB Organizations Would Risk Billions of Dollars Along With Their Careers & Reputation If It Didn’t Truly Work?

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But, maybe you’re trying to save a few dollars, cut a few corners by going for one of the cheaper knock-offs that makes big promises, even uses the same terminology inside their marketing… But, I don’t ever see them on Baseball Tonight or playing in the College World Series… Do you?


Because they can’t replicate what The Core Velocity Belt’s patented design and they darn sure can’t provide you with the level of training and instruction that comes standard, as seen with The Core Velocity Belt.

Here’s how The Core Velocity Belt works to save you time and get you instant results:  

  1. Starting With Your Very First Throw, RePrograms Your ‘Muscle-Memory’…
  2. Puts Your (New) Mechanics On ‘Auto-Pilot’ Forever!”
  3. Engages Your Lower-Half activating every single muscle fiber you didn’t even know existed before strapping it on…
  4. Naturally Loads Your Body The Way Science & Nature Intended,

Separates Your Hips From Your Shoulders Like A ‘Rubber-Band’, Spring-Loading Your Body and Giving Your Arm NO CHOICE But To Move Faster, Safer With Less Than 1/3 Of The Effort Required Before!

Proof: The Core Velocity Belt Increases Arm Speed While Reducing Arm Stress… Without Even Thinking About Mechanics!
Alright, you’re probably wondering where are the younger guys because all you’ve seen so far are the elite power-arms getting paid to pitch, right? No sweat. I’ve got just what you’re wanting to see in the next video.

Take A Second To See How It Works With Hitters & Pitchers From The Age of 9-13 years of age.

(Last year we travelled across the country to let travel ball teams FEEL it in action.)

Here’s What The Core Velocity Belt Does For Your Bat Speed… In A Matter of Just A Few Swings I Might Add.

And Here’s What Parents, Coaches & Instructors Love Most About It…

Dr. Kemper calls it an arm saver for his 10 year old son…


Chuck Barnard’s son can “finally FEEL what how his hips are supposed to work. Eureka!”

Greg Johnson’s son fixed numerous mechanical flaws…..

And last but not least, here’s a college pitcher who jumped 5 MPH in less than a month…

Literally, I’ve got 100’s of testimonials I could use, but we don’t have time to go through them all.

What you really need to know is the science behind The Belt, that’s what’s important.

You need to know:

  • How it increases your velocity by plugging the leaks causing you to lose velocity. (It’s not magic, it’s just common sense.)
  • How it fine-tunes the dangerous flaws placing high levels of stress on your arm simply because you can’t FEEL what you’re doing wrong… so you can’t fix it.
  • How it helps you throw strikes and increases arm speed, allowing your lower body to work the way it was intended…And everything else, longer stride, greater hip shoulder separation, better stride direction and jumps in velocity are all products of your body finally knowing, because it can FEEL, what it’s really supposed to be doing.

Say goodbye to the days of an instructor standing over you, trying to tell you something your body has no chance of understanding. At the end of the day, the body’s native language is FEEL.

And that’s the entire premise behind The Core Velocity Belt.

It took me over 12 years to put it all together and had it not been for the help of:

  • Advanced Engineers
  • Human Movement Specialists
  • MLB players
  • Brain-Surgeons

I would have never been able to introduce you to The Core Velocity Belt with such confidence because I know with 100% certainty it can help you. But, instead of me trying to convince you, I’ll let you make your own decision. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t believe it will help you, you’re right. Not everything works for everybody.

And The Core Velocity Belt may not be for you.

  1. Maybe you prefer a cheaper waist support belt? I can understand why. The Belt is expensive… but you get what you pay for.
  2. Maybe, you’re not willing to put in the time to train?  And even though some pitchers, and hitters see instant results…

It may take you a week or two.

Anyways, meet a man much smarter than me. His name is Dr. Allen Sills and prior to being named the NFL’s Chief Medical Officer, he was a simple neuro-surgeon at prestigious Vanderbilt University.


Click The Video Below To Meet The World’s Smartest 15U Travel Baseball Coach, Dr. Allen Sills…

Now you know what I believe in The Belt and why 170 NCAA D1 programs and 21 MLB organizations entrust The Belt with BILLIONS of dollars of pitchers and hitters they are fully responsible for… Developing and keeping healthy.

Up until now, you’ve found yourself constantly starting while placing your arm and future at risk with low velocity at high stress levels…and here’s why.

1. Let’s face it: No two pitching coaches or instructors ever agree on the best way to use your lower-body. Even when they point out what you’re doing wrong, they never share with you ‘Why’….Or worse, NEVER show you HOW to fix it but more importantly even if they described it perfectly it wouldn’t matter because…

You Can’t FEEL It!

2. Because you’ve been told so many different things, you find yourself constantly starting over, only to reach the point that you have no idea what to do next, who to trust and who to ignore…And if you hear one more person point out that you’re ‘throwing with all arm,’ you’re ready to explode!

You OVER-Think Mechanics and it’s killing other parts of your game that used to be your strong suit.

3. Combine the previous two reasons alone, and you find yourself in a perfect storm. It’s no wonder so many pitchers experience arm pain, career ending arm injuries and never come close to throwing as hard as they could be…and to make things worse…all of this makes it impossible to throw strikes because you’re so worried about your mechanics…

You start to FEEL burnt-out and confidence fades quickly.

The solution is simple…

Teach Your Pitcher How To FEEL The Lower-Half Working Effectively And Let The Body Naturally Take Over From There.

Whether you’re throwing a baseball or swinging a bat, you have to involve your entire body if you ever want to reach your true potential as a player. And that’s where most players fall short. It’s true. I’ve seen it over and over again. As a college pitching coach for 8 years, I can tell you that teaching the lower body isn’t easy. It’s by far and away the most difficult part of pitching mechanics.

However, most pitchers and coaches go wrong because…

Coaches and instructors are guilty of either talking way too much, or speaking in a foreign language that’s too technical and confusing. It leaves you feeling like a dummy standing there shaking your head when it’s obvious…you have no idea what you just heard.

And then there’s the poor pitcher…

Working his tail off, attempting to please the coach, going above and beyond what his coach is asking…But he’s not seeing the results. And sadly, it’s his career that’s suffering and worse, he’s starting to think he’s not cut out to do this.

Either way, the real problem is communication!

And that’s why The Core Velocity Belt is a ‘Game-Changer’

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal the power of FEEL and how it can forever change the way you train and best of all…Exponentially speed up your development, boost your velocity, reduce the stress on your arm and have everyone around you patting you on the back, praising your pitching mechanics and last but not least…Asking how you made such night/day changes inside your pitching mechanics since the last time they saw you pitch.

3 Reasons The “The Core Velocity Belt” has EXPLODED on the National Scene For Pitchers & Hitters of All Ages!

  1. The Core Velocity Belt instantly makes you aware of how to control your hips to create better direction, giving your arm and body a much greater chance of consistently throwing the baseball in the strike zone with added spin and consistency.
  2. The Core Velocity Belt fixes and fine-tunes flaws in your delivery known to cause injury, stress and low levels of performance… without you even thinking about it.
  3. The Core Velocity Belt allows you to FEEL your lower-half engaged, connects your body from head-toe taking the stress off your arm and your mind off mechanics, forever!


Instead of just me showing you the millions of dollars of elite, professional athletes using The Belt. I’m going to show you how it’s SELF-Coaching high school athletes and fixing their mechanics in less than 2 weeks!

(Even More) Proof: The Core Velocity Belt Increases Hip/Shoulder Separation & The Inverted W (In Less Than 2 Weeks), Without YOU Having To Say A Single Word!
Back to The Core Velocity Belt.

Here’s what the Dad of the pitcher shown in the video above had to say about his experience with The Core Velocity Belt.

And the reason we continue to see night/day changes in the middle of the afternoon is simple..

“The Core Velocity Belt “Self”-Teaches Pitchers & Hitters How It FEELS to Engage the Lower-Half & That’s Why It Transfers From The Practice Field To The Game Mound… It Gives New Meaning To The Concept of Muscle Memory.”

Consider This:

* The magic to pitching mechanics is found inside the movement, not the positions.
* It’s your ability to move that determines the positions!

Whenever you make the goal for pitchers, or hitters, to obtain “desirable positions” inside their mechanics, here’s what happens.

1. Pitchers and hitters suddenly place more value on “how they look” than how they actually perform.
2. Whenever you start to cookie cut pitching mechanics, you take away from the natural strengths and abilities from the individual pitcher…And before you know it, the stiff, robotic mechanics suddenly decrease the pitcher’s ability to perform – and even worse – dramatically increase the chances for him getting injured.
Try throwing to the middle of the line-up at any level, thinking about your “how your mechanics” look and see how long you stay in the game. Personally, I believe…

FEEL is the Body’s Native Language

And that’s exactly what makes The Core Velocity Belt different than anything else you’ve ever seen. In fact, nothing even comes close. How else do you think the pitcher seen below could do what many said was impossible…

Not only permanently did he fix the “Inverted W’ in less than 24 hours but he never once even had to worry about changing his arm action. Instead he learned right away how to FEEL his hips and placed his focus on throwing strikes…In other words – his own body became his best pitching coach.

Here’s something you’d agree with.

2 Flaws Pitching Coaches Claim To Be Permanent, Or Worse… Waste Your Time Training With Tools That Don’t Work!

Myth #1: High Elbows Is Difficult To Fix & Is Thought To Be Directly Related To The Arm Itself:

Neil Ramirez is a pitcher for the New York Mets. He was a 1st round draft pick and spent over 5 years in the minors before finally making his MLB debut this past spring. He was a guy that was constantly battling his mechanics and battling shoulder soreness and fatigue. But that all changed last year after spending time training exclusively with The Core Velocity Belt

Here’s what happened…

* He stopped worrying about having perfect mechanics and focused on pitching, throwing strikes, changing speeds and getting hitters out!
* He discovered how to move more efficiently through the center of his body and his velocity jumped, off-speed stuff got better and his confidence reached new heights!
* He found a way to effectively use his lower body to reduce the stress on his shoulder.

But you want to know what’s really cool?

His velocity jumped, even in the middle of the season, he threw more strikes than ever before and his pitching mechanics refined themselves…And the best part is-he didn’t have to waste time or face setbacks, trying to do any of this!

Living Breathing Proof The Core Velocity Belt Can Increase Your Velocity In The Middle Of The Season & Influence Your Arm To Move More Efficiently Without Even Thinking About It

* Neil’s arm action suddenly became more efficient without even mentioning the word, and definitely not trying to make it happen.
* His velocity jumped and ended up being higher at the end of the season than it was at the beginning!
* His shoulder problems disappeared after self-teaching himself how to “move through the center of his body” (And that’s another secret to The Core Velocity Belt)

Myth #2: It’s Impossible To Influence Your Arm Action To Move More Efficiently During A Competitive Season

More Proof That The Core Velocity Belt Allows You To “Just Pitch” Without Worrying About Anything Else!

His velocity climbed each and every month of the season!

Bottom Line:

1. Learning how to use your lower body effectively is extremely hard to do. In fact, most pitchers and hitters are either taught wrong or their body and brain is so fried from hearing 5 different coaches tell them 5 different things…They never will figure it out on their own.(That’s why I’m 100% convinced every pitcher, hitter, coach and parent reading this will never have to face these issues again!)

2. The game of baseball requires every player that hopes to reach his true potential on the mound to find a way to get every single ounce of energy from the lower body to the upper body…if you can’t do this, you have NO CHANCE of ever reaching your potential. (Imagine the look on your son’s face when he finally learns what it FEELS like to use his lower body.)

3. Many of the common mechanical flaws have absolutely nothing to do with the actual arm…In fact, until you can control the center of your body, you’re wasting valuable training time you’ll never get back working on something that’s not even going to help fix the problem. (The Core Velocity Belt identifies the cause and doesn’t waste time treating the symptoms.)

Now, let’s get to The Core Velocity Belt Training Program.

Discover How You Can Invest Your Training Time Pitching From The Mound Instead of Wasting Time In A Chair With Exercises We Both Know Cannot Possibly Make You A Better Pitcher.

(I saw one knock-off program advertise how they trained from a chair… How could that possibly help make you a better pitcher?) .

5 Ways We Use The Core Velocity Belt Inside Our Daily Routines:

1. Train From the Mound & Watch How Quickly Your Velocity Transfers To The Game!


2. Increase the mobility and stability of our hips like you see Auburn University doing below.

3. Get more done in less time… Prepare your body to perform, requiring 1/2 the time to get hot than everyone else around you. 


4. Speed Up Your Recovery Time… Snap on-Snap off-  Train with or without a baseball.

5. And last but not least.. 

Let Me Show You How To Use The Core Velocity Belt Like It’s A Weighted Ball Program, While Pitching From The Mound Throwing Strikes…. With Less Stress & No Worry!

Watch What Happens Here!

Pitch #1: 80 MPH – Without Belt

Pitch #2: 85 MPH-With Belt

Pitch #3: After taking Belt off… 86 MPH Strike

Right now, you’re probably thinking I just saw a pitcher go from 80-86 MPH..  

“It’s great that the belt works, I can see that. But, it’s expensive and how complicated is it to use?

Well, you’re right that it is neither easy nor cheap to work with me one-on-one. My time is at a premium, and you’ve got to factor in flight and hotel costs for coming all the way to Nashville. Not to mention that I do *very little* one-on-one coaching at this point.

However, what we’ve learned in working with hundreds of pitchers at every level of the game can now be yours at a price so low you’re literally saving thousands of dollars.


Between the Major League players I work with each offseason, all the college programs that have purchased the belt and are actively using it with their teams as well as the hundreds of coaches and dads just like you all over the world, we know exactly what gets BIG results with The Core Velocity Belt.

And by big results, I’m talking about winning the 2014 college world series (Vanderbilt University) AND 2016 College World Series Champs, Coastal Carolina… Plus this list of schools found inside the Top 25


Do You Honestly Think Teams of This Caliber Would Risk Their Careers & The Future Of Their Athletes If It Didn’t Work?

I’m going to help you achieve the same results with your son that we’re achieving with these top flight baseball programs.

Here’s how: when you buy your Core Velocity Belt, I’m going to guide you through how The Core Velocity Belt helps players FEEL their lower body and thereby throw harder and faster with less effort. This is the same stuff I teach pitchers when they work with me one-on-one at a cost of over $500 an hour.

Plus, to get you started we’ve specially designed a program that will show you instant results and best of all-is super simple to follow and easy to understand. (In fact-it doesn’t contain any technical language and can be followed by kids as young as 12.)

*I do not recommend the belt for players under 10 years old.

Get Started Right Away With “The Core Velocity Quick Start Program”

* Discover the exact same drills that we use everyday to build 100 MPH arms & power hitters…And the best part is-how to set them up during your practice and training time. (It takes the guess work out of the equation and you’ll have a plan right away!)

* We’ll even get you started by setting up the program for you until you feel comfortable enough to start creating your own. (I’ve been told by all 50 college programs that are using the belt that they’re favorite part beside their players absolutely loving it is-They can make up drills on the go!)

* How to blend the drills using the Core Velocity Belt to make sure they’re deeply ingrained into your nervous system-(The blending system is the key to you seeing quicker results, almost immediately)

* Know exactly where to place the tubing on The Core Velocity BeltThe Belt actually has 6 different clips it can be attached to and each serve a unique purpose. (I’ll also tell you were it shouldn’t go, that’s critical information!)

* How to use the belt to speed up your tempo and create insane momentum that gives your arm no choice but to move faster. (We use this a lot for velocity drills, and you’ll see right away why.)

I’ve talked enough, here’s what you need to know:

The patented Core Velocity Belt design is One-Size fits, so you’ll never out-grow and have to re-order. 


Order Here!

And last but not least…

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your investment, return it any time and I’ll refund you every single dime.

Trust what you FEEL!